About WAAA

Our Mission

The WAAA is a nonprofit organization and component society of the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants dedicated to the advancement of the CAA profession by promoting patient safety through the Anesthesia Care Team model, as well as providing a forum for CAA advocacy within the state of Wisconsin.

Leadership Goals

  • Promote and increase the visibility of the professional throughout Wisconsin while updating members on current political and legislative activities that affect CAA practice in the state.
  • Increase job opportunities for practicing CAAs
  • Act as advocate and liaison between Wisconsin CAAs and the Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists (WSA) and the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAAA)

Past, Present & Future

  • The WAAA was organized in 2006 in an effort to support practicing CAAs.
  • The WAAA was the first state component society recognized by the AAAA.
  • Before 2012, CAAs practiced under delegatory authority by a supervising anesthesiologist. There were 15 CAAs working in the state at that time.
  • CAA licensure in Wisconsin was achieved in January 2012.
  • Currently there are 45 CAAs working throughout the state in Madison, La Crosse, and Milwaukee.
  • Future efforts by WAAA leadership will be directed towards workforce expansion within the state and maintaining a strong coalition with the WSA and AAAA.

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